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Dental Phobias

What can I do if I'm scared about dental treatment?

The best way to overcome your fear is to discuss your concerns with your dentist.

Experiences as a child may become distorted by time and reinforced by outdated media presentation of stereotypes. Much has changed, thanks to technology and education, and dentists are skilled professionals in dealing with patients who are apprehensive about seeking treatment.

This will obviously be a team approach between you and your dentist and his/her staff. Communication is the key. You must feel comfortable expressing your fears and concerns and have a sense that you are being listened to.

There are various forms of anaesthesia and relaxation that can be used effectively to change your negative thoughts into a positive experience.

Do all dentists use "happy gas"?

"Happy gas", "laughing gas", "relative analgesia", "nitrous oxide"  all describe the same form of sedation which can be used for patients who are apprehensive of treatment using local anaesthesia.

Not all dentists utilise these options, but referrals can be made. Likewise, you may elect to have extensive procedures done under full general anaesthesia in a hospital or day centre.

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